Triple-A Model of Therapeutic Care

Here is how Colby Pearce, the originator of the Triple-A Model of Therapeutic Care describes the approach.

“The Triple-A Model of Therapeutic Care, or Triple-A for short, is a model of caregiving aimed at helping children and teens recover from adversity and lead happy, productive lives. Authored by Australian Clinical Psychologist, Colby Pearce, Triple-A is the product of twenty-five years of endeavour in the areas of child and adolescent mental health research and clinical psychology practice.

The three ‘A’s’ in Triple-A stand for:
  • Attachment
  • Arousal
  • Accessibility to needs provision.

“A Triple-A learning activity designed to illustrate gaps in a child’s developmental experiences and the meaning of therapeutic care”.

The theoretical basis of Triple-A incorporates the proposition that children overcome adversity and thrive under circumstances where they have strong and secure attachments to their primary carers, where their nervous system is working in an optimal range for successful performance and wellbeing, and where they have learnt that their needs will be reliably and predictably addressed through conventional care (Pearce, 2010, 2011)”.

article Journal Title – Foster, Article Title – A preliminary evaluation of the Triple-A Model of Therapeutic Care in Donegal Colby Pearce and John Gibson Click here to download the full Article.

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