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Our Courses

We offer a range of workshops in TCI and attachment training.

Our Workshops can benefit anyone in the social sector.

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Attachment TCI


Preventing and Responding to Challeging Behaviour – In all settings for children and teens.


TCI is accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD). Whilst TCI was first developed in America it is now an international programme. It equips organisations through cares and managers to 1) prevent crisis 2) respond therapeutically when crisis do occur and 3) process crisis events in a way that promotes learning for all involved.

TCI Training and courses

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Attachment Training Course

Attachment describes the dependency relationship between a child and its primary caregivers. Babies enter the world biologically wired to elicit caregiving.

Who Should Attend.

This one day workshop is for social care workers and social workers. A basic working knowledge of attachment theory is assumed but not required as the teaching approach will introduce and revise core concepts.

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