“Counselling for Toads.”

“Counselling for Toads.”

If you don’t start this book with a detailed knowledge of Transactional Analysis, by the time you’ve finished reading or listening to it on Audible, that will not have changed!  It does not provide that sort of detail.  Never mind, that was not the author’s intention.  What Robert De Board set out to achieve in this book he does with captivating interest.   He presents Transactional Analysis woven into a Wind in the Willows story about Toad of Toad Hall,  Rat, Mole, Badger and Herron.   Toad develops depression or at least a depressed mood.  Herron is the counsellor trained in TA.   Herron takes a psycho-educational approach to therapy so in that way De Board does a great job of presenting the core of TA.  Core ego states and typical games people play are introduced in a way that makes perfect sense.  And almost unobtrusively.  I listened to the book on Audible.  A great way to make long car journeys something more than a trudge.  Highly recommended.  I imagine that I’ll recommend the book for some of the folk I work with.


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