Attachment Training

Attachment is much more than another word for relationship. It describes the human need that we all have for closeness, protection and safety when stress is experienced.

From this perspective, children’s behaviour is looked at from what the child is currently experiencing, both internally and externally. This is a point sometimes missed by adults in whatever their role in relation to children.

During infancy, most adults are well able to attune to an infant’s experience of stress and provide comfort and protection. This ‘natural’ caregiver ability can sometimes get lost as a child’s stress reactions (sometimes referred to as challenging behaviour) begin to be seen as ‘wilful’ or ‘disobedient.’

This workshop provides a re-orientation to what children experience in moments of stress that triggers their attachment system. The focus is shifted to the child and carers shared experience, as opposed to a primary focus on the child’s behaviour.

Based on completely up-to-date DVD material and small group discussion, the workshop covers the following topics.
  • What attachment is and why it is important
  • How it works and what can go wrong
  • Attachment and brain development
  • Challenging behaviour as attachment behaviour
  • Attachment behaviour and stress
  • Children’s attachment styles
  • The ‘chemistry’ of adult child interactions. Does this child ‘allow’ me to interact with them in the way that I expect?
  • Strategies for interacting with child

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