A Personal COVID-!9 Announcement

A Personal COVID-!9 Announcement

As of this announcement I am temporarily moving my work to an on-line presence.  I am equipped to use ZOOM, Skype or WhatsApp.

I have forty years’ experience in the field of childcare.  I have worked directly in residential childcare settings.  I have trained residential childcare workers, foster-carer, adoptive parents, teachers and youth workers in Ireland, UK, Eastern Europe, America and Australia.  I am a faculty member of the Residential Child Care Project at Cornell University NY.  My doctorate was in professional studies at the University of Middlesex.  I can provide a CV if required.

In this new on-line work context, I am offering:


Individual or parental couple consultations / support.

On offer is an initial no fee / no obligation 40 minute consultation.  The purpose of this initial consultation is to discuss and explore if a contract of work between us is feasible.  If it is then we will contract for a number of sessions subject to review.  No advance fees are required.  If a contract is established fees and payment will be discussed at that point.

Group / Team Consultations / Individual Supervision / Coaching

I have an established record of team / group / individual supervision and coaching.  Given the current context I am moving this service on-line.  The process involves a no fee 40 minute sensing discussion with a view to moving into a contacting phase.


My experience includes training carers, and educators, nurses, foster cares and adoptive and biological parents, youth workers, social workers and probation officers in a how to prevent and  respond helpfully to children’s and teen’s challenging behaviour.   Responding helpfully to children’s challenging (and that means sometime aggressive behaviour) begins with how we think about it and how we think ‘in the moment’ when we are faced with defiance coming back at us.  I take the view that helpful responses are not that difficult to do!   I am not saying that children will magically respond and life become easy overnight, however, knowing that you are responding helpfully based on what we know about the science of relationships brings confidence and with time and a consistent response, children ‘catch-on’ and readjust.

Children have many ordinary developmental tasks to accomplish.  Layered on top-of that some children encounter disruption to their development.  The degree of disruption, the age of the child, the child’s relationship with adults who may be the source of the disruption can all have a negative impact on the child’s sense of trust in the world.  Disruption like abuse and neglect sometimes puts the child’s brain into a constant state of high alert.  When that happens then it can be helpful to look at the child’s behaviour through a ‘trauma-informed’ lens and at the same time continue to view their needs through the lens of normal development.

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention – An Introduction

In this COVID-19 environment I can offer an on-line introductory experience of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention[1] (Version 7 2020) (TCI V7).   Just to be clear I need to say that this experience is not a building block toward full TCI certification.  That would need to be completed within an organisation that uses TCI as its crisis prevention and response system.  However, if you are currently or likely to be in a situation that requires helpful responses to challenging behaviour then this introduction will definitely help with that.

This on-line introductory experience of TCI lasts for 15 hours in a small group of no more than 10 participants.

Parent App

This programme is structured on four three hours sessions.  This arrangement is flexible so that the sessions can be shorted to extend over five session.  In this programme I have two broad goals. Firstly, I set out to briefly explain attachment theory, secondly, and most importantly I show you how to use that knowledge to build secure attachments with children.  This second objective is a point made to me by many carers and some professionals.  They frequently say, “I know what attachment theory is but what do I do with the knowledge?”  I provide that guidance.  The Parent App[2] is based on work by Alister Cooper and Shelia Redfern.

How To Contact Me

Please use the contact box on the website or send me a private message via my Face Book Page – Secure Attachment Matters, or email at ajg64@cornell.edu


  1. Holden, M., Therapeutic crisis intervention: A crisis prevention and management system (Seventh Edition). 2020, Cornell University, NY: New York.
  2. Copper, A. and S. Redfern, Reflective Parenting: A guide to understanding what’s going on in your child’s mind 2016, Oxon, New York: Routledge


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