A Personal Goal – – Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

A Personal Goal – – Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

DDP Level Two

I’ve wanted to do this course for some time.  Finally got it done.  Completed yesterday.  The trainer was Joy Gamble.  Lots of opportunity to practice skills and develop confidence.  The approach is natural fit with my core values and perspective.  In my doctoral dissertation I majored on a pet theme of mine; that we as adults cannot, but frequently do separate our own actions from how children behave.  More often than not We are part of an inseparable mix.  A dynamic.  It is the adult’s responsibility to lead the child into a state of self-regulation via the process of co-regulation.  In other words by being their secure base, their source of strength, their secure attachment figure.  Now, lest we fall into judgement and condemn the adult in this picture we need to add that sometimes as adults our own attachment issues get triggered in high stress interactions; which is inescapable when caring for troubled kids.  DDP aims to enhance children’s experience by equipping adults to be that source of strength that all children need.

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